Custom Programs Designed Specifically for Your Company’s Needs

Preventing injuries before they happen will save your company time and money. Proactive Injury Prevention specializes in the development and implementation of injury prevention programs, and related classes and services.

In addition to saving your company significant amounts of time and money, our programs are designed to:

  • Maximize Employee Performance
  • Improve Workplace Safety
  • Improve Employee Wellness & Morale
  • Reduce Workplace Injuries
  • Reduce Corporate Liability
  • Help get injured workers back to work ASAP

At Proactive Injury Prevention, we believe a company is only as strong as its weakest link. Our business is designed to promote and maintain workplace health and safety to keep your company strong.

We have over ten years experience helping companies stay safe. All staff at Proactive Injury Prevention have bachelor’s degrees in fitness related fields such as Kinesiology, Human Development or Exercise Science, ensuring that your health is in the best hands possible.


Our Clients: